Court of Assistants


B.M. Blanchard

Senior Warden

Miss P.A.J. Latham, MA, MBA, ACIS, FCMA

Junior Warden

S.W. Pierce

Keeper of the Roll

A.B. Williamson

Immediate Past Master

S.J Turner, BA

Bursar and Assistant Clerk

H.R. Grant BA, ACMA


J.C. Poore B.E.M

Past Masters

*D. Gandy C.G. Bence G.A. Day
*D.C.R. Hesketh S.J. Somerville J.C. Poore B.E.M
J.S. Faulder, MA M.S. Earle, FCA Mrs G.E. Moore
*C.R. Carr, TD, MA, DL *F.H. Robertson L.J. Martin, FCA, BBS, MA
M. Pares, B.Sc, CA J,A. Adams, MA, MSc
*A.B. Castledine, ACMA R.J. Taylor
*R.H. Cope K.B. Pepperrell
*D. Bedford G.J. Hopkins
C.G.A. Latham, MA, FCA A.G. Ballinger, BSc

* Honorary Court Assistants


S.J. Lawson

R.W. Hill FCCA

A.K Hawkins

Honorary Members of the Court

Alderman Dame Fiona Woolf, D.B.E, DL

Honorary Liverymen

Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley

General the Lord Dannatt GCB CBE MC DL


Ms Virginia Rounding

Honorary Chaplain

The Reverend Canon Roger Hall, M.B.E


A.W. Parker


The Master
L.J Martin, FCA, BBS, MA
M.S.Earle, FCA
K.B. Pepperrell

Charities & Education Committee

J.C. Poore, B.E.M. – Chairman

Education & Training Sub-Committee

B.M. Blanchard – Chairman

Development Committee

G.A. Day – Chairman

Election Committee

Mrs G.E. Moore – Chairman

Events & Marketing Committee

Miss P.A.J. Latham, MA, MBA, ACIS, FCMA – Chairman

External Liaison:

  • Institute of Builders’ Merchants – S.J. Turner
  • WET 10 – B.M. Blanchard
  • 3PWRR – G.A. Day
  • HMS Forth – S.J. Turner; R.Hill
  • Beckenham & Penge Sea Cadet Unit – A.G. Ballinger