Our Livery is engaged, through our charity work, with educational awards and supporting the training of individuals in and outside the industry. Our recent participation at the Livery Schools Link (LSL) Showcase in Guildhall is a good example. We exhibited for the first time last year, and following a successful event, we committed to it again this year. It’s a great opportunity to raise the profile of our industry amongst young students.

1. WCoBM stand - ready for action!

The LSL is a volunteer organisation supporting education. The Showcase is targeted at 14-17 year olds and the aim is for them to learn about the range of career opportunities in the trades, industries and professions each Livery company represents. It recognises that students need more than classroom teaching to help them with their future career choices.

Over 600 students from 25 schools across London attended with their teachers. They were able to talk to each of the 30 Livery Companies exhibiting on the day, as well as have some fun with some practical activities and competitions.

Past Master John Poore, Immediate Past Master Gill Moore, and Liveryman Andrew Pine represented WCoBM. They explained to students what builders’ merchants do and what our industry offers in builders’ merchanting or with a supplier of building materials. Bright yellow bags and giveaways had been organised for the event, which included rulers and a stress brick. There was certainly no missing the yellow bags!

2. Liveryman Andrew Pine engages with the students

Bright yellow bags and giveaways had been organised for the event, which included rulers and a stress brick! There was certainly no missing the yellow bags!

4a. Can't miss those yellow bags!

4b. And there they are again!

PM Poore also had the great idea of asking students to note down what they thought a builders’ merchant did. Below are some of the comments. It was reassuring that most were aware of the basic principle of a merchant business.

5a. Students note down what they think a builders' merchant does


“Build structures. Keep London buildings safe.”
“Supply the equipment needed to build something.”
“Help with all aspects of building and architecture.”
“Supply materials for the builders”
“Builders’ merchants sell and trade materials needed for a building.”
“Help build buildings and provide various materials to aid people to build buildings.”
“Someone who makes bricks and sells them to builders.”
“A builders’ merchant is a person who provides materials essential for the building environment.”
“Builders’ merchants build houses, hotels, stadiums and provide shelters for people.”
“Transport materials required for building.”
“Builders’ merchants sell to small and big building companies, selling them tools and materials.”

Overall it was an extremely successful event, and one we look forward to participating in again next year.

Thanks to David Hodgkinson for the photographs www.sweetmoon.com