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Livery Briefing July 2014

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WCoBM Newsletter April 2014

Our Float in last year’s Lord Mayor’s Show was a lot of fun, and it generated a healthy surplus to support our charities. It also gained a lot of exposure for your Company.

WCoBM Newsletter April Read more…

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WCoBM Newsletter October 2013

As many Masters have said in the past, the year has flown by. However, we have continued with significant success to raise our profile in the City. We have built on that which our forebears Read more…

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WCoBM Newsletter April 2013

Our newsletter continues to grow and this issue is packed with write-ups on events, profiles on members and Royal acknowledgements for two Liverymen!

WCoBM Newsletter April 2013


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WCoBM Newsletter October 2012

Any way you look at it, this has been a very special year for the Company.

I am privileged to have been Master in a year with three great events: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the London Read more…

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WCoBM Newsletter April 2012

It’s been a busy first six months for new Master Graham Ballinger. We feature the Company’s first City & Awards Luncheon, a new networking event that recognises the achievements of individuals the WCoBM supports in Read more…

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WCoBM Newsletter October 2011

We have continued to make a success in raising the Company’s profile in the City and the industry. It has been a good year to build on connections in the City. Both the City and Read more…

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WCoBM Newsletter April 2011

Our Company occupies a unique position in the industry. It includes many leading figures from merchants of all size and types, buying societies, buying groups, the BMF and product and service suppliers.

WCoBM Newsletter April 2011

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