For the first time this year, the WCoBM entered a team for the annual Livery Pancake Race at Guildhall Yard. It is organised by the Worshipful Company of Poulters in collaboration with The
Cook & The Butler. Our line-up included the Master, Keeper of the Roll and marathon runner Stewart Pierce, and two Liverymen: Steve Dunkley (aka Little Bo Peep) and fitness fanatic me. So we stood a good chance!

The race requires each entrant to run about 60 yards each way, tossing the pancake in designated zones – sounds easy (you’d think). As Masters, Liverymen and novelty racers competed in their running lanes we saw a few small accidents, falls, trips and in the case of my lane ‘catastrophe’ as described by the Course Judge! I soon realised that trying to run holding a heavy and large metal frying pan while keeping the pancake intact and in the pan was quite a challenge.

The novelty race was particularly good with lots of imaginative costumes, although not all practical for running, like the church organ. WCoBM’s Little Bo Beep was in good form and Steve was very close to winning in his Heat. He was also selected among the best novelty dressed Liverymen.

The morning ended with a buffet lunch in the Crypt at the Guildhall where prizes were presented. An extremely fun and enjoyable day.