Master’s Diary


20th October
Installation Court  General  & Livery Dinner – Drapers’ Hall

27th October
Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor Ceremony & Reception, with retired Clerk – St Paul’s Cathedral & Apothecaries’ Hall

29th October
3PWRR Livery day in Canterbury

1st November
Vintry & Dowgate Wards Club Civic Lunch, with Master’s Lady

7th November
Royal British Legion Garden of Remembrance, with Clerk – St Paul’s Cathedral

11th November
Silent Ceremony – Guildhall

12th November
Lord Mayor’s Show, with Company float; part of Guard of Honour for Lord Mayor at Mansion House

14th November
Lord Mayor’s Banquet, as guest of Clerk – Guildhall

16th November
Lord Mayor’s Briefing for Masters & Clerks, with Clerk – Mansion House

Master’s Lady at reception with Lady Mayoress – Guildhall

Sir Lionel Denny Lecture, with Master’s Lady – Barber-Surgeons’ Hall

17th November
Master’s Committee Meeting

Actuaries’ Livery Lecture – Staple Inn Hall

22nd November
Election Committee & Events & Marketing Committees

23rd November
Festival of St Cecilia Service, with Master’s Lady & Clerk – Westminster Abbey

25th November
Builders’ Merchants News Awards – Hilton

5th December
Cutlers’ Company Sex-centenary Service & Reception, with Clerk – St Bartholomew the Great & the Old Bailey

3PWRR Carol Service & Supper, with Master’s Lady – Canterbury Cathedral

9th December
Company Carols Service & Supper – St Peter ad Vincula & Old Hall, Lincoln’s Inn

15th December
Education & Training Sub-Committee meeting

20th December
Service of Nine Lessons, Carols & Livery Supper – St Bartholomew the Great & Haberdashers’ Hall


26th January
Court of Assistants at 1:45pm Painters’ Hall. Evening tour for all: Whitechapel Bell Foundry at 5:30 for 6:00pm.

7th February

Reception re Lord Mayor’s Show, with Clerk – Mansion House

8th February

‘In the Spotlight with Martha Kearney, in aid of Sheriffs’ & Recorder’s Fund, with Master’s Lady – Old Bailey

13th February

Lord Mayor’s Gresham Lecture – Old Library, Guildhall

15th February

Lunch with the Judges – Old Bailey

20th February

Development Committee meeting

22nd February

Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects’ Annual Lecture – The City Centre

23rd February

World Traders’ Tacitus Lecture – Guildhall

28th February

Inter-Livery Pancake Race in Guildhall Yard, noon

2nd March

Election Committee meeting, Events & Marketing Committee meeting, Summer Ball Working Party meeting

3rd March

Memorial Service for PM Barry Jackson – Lincoln Cathedral

6th March

City Guides’ Derek Melluish Memorial Lecture – St Lawrence Jewry

7th March
Lunch with Colonel Andy Betts, CO of 3PWRR (with PM Day)

9th March

Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Spring Livery Dinner, with Clerk – Carpenters’ Hall

13th March
Court of Assistants at 10am. City and Awards Luncheon – Apothecaries’ Hall. Tour for guests. Liverymen, Freemen and guests.

14th March

Lord Mayor’s Gala Concert at St Paul’s Cathedral

15th March

Carpenters’ Livery Spring Dinner, with Master’s Lady, and Clerk – Carpenters’ Hall

16th March

RFCA Spring Meeting and Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards Ceremony

20th March

Livery Schools Link Skills Showcase

Worshipful Company of Plumbers Annual Banquet, with Master’s Lady – Mansion House

22nd March

Evensong and Reception for 500th Anniversary of the Worshipful Company of Carmen, with Clerk – St Paul’s Cathedral and Stationers’ Hall

23rd March

Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators’ Tutt Rivers Lecture, with retired Clerk – Pewterers’ Hall

29th March

Visit to Monument Tools

The Sir Richard Olver Engineering Lecture – City University

30th March

The Lord Mayor’s Dinner for Masters and Prime Wardens, with the Master’s Lady – Mansion House

31st March
United Guilds Service – St Paul’s, followed by lunch at Carpenters’ Hall

3rd April

Panel discussion on 1067 Charter – Old Library, Guildhall

5th April

Silver Electra, at Wilton’s Music Hall (with Worshipful Company of Management Consultants)

6th April

The Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch, with Clerk – Guildhall

12th April

Visit by the Master’s Lady to Nomura, with the Mistress Environmental Cleaner

19th April

“Echoes across the Century” Private View – Guildhall Art Gallery

Election Court General, Annual Divine Service, Reception and Supper – Trinity House and St Peter ad Vincula

25th April

Company of Public Relations Practitioners’ Dinner, with Clerk – Armourers’ Hall

28th April

Charities and Education Committee and Trustees’ meeting

3rd May

Lord Mayor’s Day at the Races, with Company table – Ascot

4th May
Worshipful Company of Information Technologists’ 25th Anniversary Banquet, with Clerk – Guildhall

9th May
Festival of Sons of the Clergy, St Paul’s Cathedral at 5:30pm. Supper at a local venue. Liverymen, Freemen and Guests.

10th May

Bart’s View Day – St Bartholomew the Great and Bart’s Hospital

11th May

Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects’ Lunch – Leathersellers’ Hall

Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers’ Annual Guest Dinner, with Master’s Lady – Haberdashers’ Hall

12th-14th May
Master’s Weekend – Birmingham. Liverymen, Freemen and Guests.

18th May
Visit by Master’s Lady to Building Crafts College, followed by lunch at Carpenters’ Hall

Demonstration of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, with Clerk – Brewers’ Hall

20th May

3PWRR Regimental Dinner – Leros Barracks, Canterbury

23rd May

Reception re Big Curry Lunch – HAC Armoury House

24th May

Pewter Live Livery Reception – Pewterers’ Hall

31st May

Candlewick Ward Club Dinner, with Master’s Lady

1st June
Buckingham Palace Garden Party, with Master’s Lady, preceded by lunch with Master Management Consultant and other Masters

6th June

Breakfast meeting re Pan-Livery charitable collaboration, with Junior Warden – Mercers’ Hall

Guild of Entrepreneurs’ Summer Banquet, with Clerk – Cutlers’ Hall

7th June

Company visit to Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House

8th June

City and Guilds Livery Awards, in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal, with Clerk – St James’s Palace

Worshipful Company of Constructors’ Sir Christopher Wren Banquet, with Master’s Lady – Merchant Taylors’ Hall

9th – 11th June

Ironbridge Livery Weekend

14th June

Lightmongers’ Annual Lecture – Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

15th June

Worshipful Company of Drapers’ Court Lunch, with Clerk – Drapers’ Hall

19th June

Visit to Spencer House with Vintry and Dowgate Wards Club

22nd June

Visit to Building Crafts College

23rd June

Procession, Evensong, Livery Companies’ Reception and Dinner – Lincoln Cathedral

23rd-24th June

Heritage Skills Festival – Lincoln Cathedral.

26th June

Election of Sheriffs – Guildhall, noon. Luncheon at Painters’ Hall. Liverymen.

27th June

Meeting with Commodore David Elford, with Clerk – HMS President

RCA Architecture and Interior Design Graduate Exhibition

City and Guilds Art School Principal’s Private View, with Clerk

3rd July

Livery Schools Link AGM

6th July

Election Committee and Events and Marketing Committee meetings

Brief visit to City Beerfest, with Clerk (who stayed longer)

10th July

Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund AGM – The Old Bailey

14th July
Court meeting and Summer Ball – Skinners’ Hall

20th July

Lord Mayor’s Defence and Security Lecture – Mansion House


5th September

Education and Training Sub-Committee meeting

John Harris Memorial Lecture – Royal Society of Arts

9th September

Beckenham and Penge Sea Cadet Unit Mess Dinner

11th September

Modern Companies’ Autumn Dinner, with Junior Warden

12th September

Private View and Reception – St Paul’s Cathedral

20th September

BMF Awards Dinner

21st September

Election Committee and Events and Marketing Committee meetings

Treloar’s Gala Dinner (Company table) – Mansion House

22nd September
Charities and Education Committee and Trustees’ meeting

23rd September

3PWRR 25th Anniversary Reunion and Presentation of New Colours

24th September

Worshipful Company of Woolmen’s Sheep Drive over London Bridge

26th September

Court meeting and Court Ladies’ Luncheon – Stationers’ Hall

Company visit to Dennis Severs’ house, Spitalfields

29th September

Common Hall for election of Lord Mayor, followed by lunch at Painters’ Hall

6th October

Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers’ Disneyland send-off

27th October
Installation Court General and Livery Dinner – Mansion House