The Master ran in this year’s Annual Livery Pancake Race on 21st February at Guildhall Yard. It is the first time the Company has taken part in the event. In all, 34 Livery Companies took part, with nine Masters running in the Masters Qualifying Race. The race requires each entrant to run about 60 yards each way, tossing the pancake in designated zones.

The Masters qualifying race was held because there were too many entrants to the team competition and it had been agreed that the best four qualifiers would be allowed to enter a team of four in next years race. The Master was in the first qualifying heat and was doing well until his gown caught on the bollard as he turned to run back and stumbled thereby losing his lead and failing to qualify.

The Master says: “It was a great day and I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe it when  my gown got caught but these things happen. I hope next years Master decides to enter.”

After the race a wonderful buffet lunch was organised in the Crypt at the Guildhall,  during which the prizes were presented.