During his time as Master, Stephen Turner was keen to create a simple guide to the Livery for new members so that they can benefit from a clearer  understanding of Livery companies and the obligations of Freemen and Liverymen when they join. Our Livery continues to grow strongly, and the Master recognised it was increasingly important to develop a guide that spells out the role of a Livery company and ‘demystify’ how the Company works and how members can become more involved.

It’s not intended to replace what new Freemen receive in their ‘welcome pack’ when they are admitted into the Company, but to be a useful addition for all members. It has deliberately been kept quite short and to the point. It’s also not intended to be ‘cast in stone’, but to work as an evolving document, that adapts to the needs of the Company’s Liverymen and Freemen. So, if members have suggestions for content in future editions, or if you have questions that are still unanswered, please contact our Clerk Virginia.

If this whets your appetite to learn more, there is a wealth of information available about the Company, including its history, Ordinances and Court, here: www.wcobm.co.uk/about