Activate your membership

If you are an existing member of the WCoBM and if this is your first visit to the new look WCoBM website you will need to reset your password. You can re-use your password from the old WCoBM site, however you will need to set it as your password for this site.

Please note: Your member information has been transferred to the new site, you DO NOT have to re-register your details – you only need to reset your password.

Please follow the steps below to set your password:


1. Click this link to start the process Reset your password



2. On the web page enter your current username or email address, click the button Get New Password.


3. You will be sent an email containing a link, click the link in the email – this will take you to a web page on the WCoBM website.


4. On the web page a New Password is suggested for you, if you prefer to set your own password delete the suggested password and enter your password, click Reset Password.



5. You have reset your password, please remember this for future logins.