The Builders’ Merchants’ Company, like all Livery Companies, has by law to comply with the requirements of the GDPR which come into effect on 25th May 2018. This means that the Company has to obtain your explicit consent, as a member of the Company, to hold your personal data and to use it for specific, stated purposes.

We would stress that the consent you are being asked to give is not to allow us to do anything more than, or different from, what we have been doing in the past. However, under the GDPR, if you do not give your explicit signed consent to the Company holding and using your personal data, we shall be required by law, from 25th May, to stop communicating with you by email or post until we have received your consent. This means, among other things, that we could not notify you of forthcoming functions and events after 25th May if you have not given us your consent to do so.


In accordance with the new Regulation, we have prepared a new Data Protection Policy and a Consent Form – see below. The full Policy and Privacy Notices are also downloadable below.

In order to minimise your time and effort, the Consent Form contains both a blanket and a detailed consent. By ticking a single box in section 1 and dating and signing this form, you will give your ‘blanket’ agreement – essentially this maintains the status quo of what the Company already does.

In addition, as it is some time since we last conducted a survey of members’ interests, a survey form is included below for your completion. This will aid us in ensuring that you receive information (including about events organised by other Livery Companies or City of London organisations) suited to your particular interests.


click link to download > WCoBM Privacy Notice May 2018

click link to download > WCoBM Guest Privacy Notice May 2018

click link to download > WCoBM Data-Protection-Policy May 2018

click link to download > GDPR Members’ Consent Form May 2018


click link to download > Member Survey May 2018