Lost/resetting your password

Forgotten or need to reset your password?

If you forget or need to reset your password, please click the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the log in screen, this will take you to a new screen to start the process.  Click here to go to the screen »


1. Enter your registered email address or user name and click “Get New Password

2. A link to reset your password will be sent to your registered email address (you will also be returned to the original log in screen)

3. Confirm that you wish to reset your password by clicking the link provided in the email (if you don’t want to reset your password please ignore this email)

4. You will be taken to a web page –  a New Password is suggested for you, if you prefer to set your own password delete the suggested password and enter your password, click Reset Password


5. You are now able to use your new password along with your registered email address to login

Please note: all passwords are case sensitive.


Changing your password

You can also change your password in your Member Area.


1. Log into the WCoBM site, navigate to the Members Area.


2. Click on your name in the left-hand column.



3. Click on the Settings button.



4. Type in your new password in the first input box and then confirm (retype) the same password in the second box.



5. Clicking the “Save changes” button will save your new password.



If you have forgotten your new password please see ‘Forgotten or need to reset your password?’ above.