Messaging other members

When logged into the WCoBM website you are able to send messages to other WCoBM members. Your message will be sent to your recipient(s) registered email address they will also see your message in their user area on the WCoBM website.

To send a message please follow the steps below:


1. Log into the WCoBM website by clicking “MEMBER LOG IN” in the top navigation bar.


2. Once logged in click “MEMBERS” in the top navigation bar.




3. From the list of members click the member name who you want to send a message to.

There are over 240 WCoBM members, who are listed alphabetically, you may need to click the next page number (at the foot of the page) to find the correct member.


4. A new page loads with the member details – click the “Private message” button



5a. In the new page that is loaded you are able to type in the “Subject” title of your message and your main message in the “Message” box. NB: You are able to send this message to more than one person.



5b. To send your message to one than one member – click the box immediately the original recipients names and start to type the first letters of the persons first or surname, you will notice a list of members will appear with those letters in their name – select the person you wish to add to your message list.

Repeat this process for additional members.



5c. To remove a member from the list click on the “X” next to their name. NB: You are unable to remove the original member’s name that the message is being sent to.



5d. To send your message to all WCoBM members – tick the box next to the text “This is a notice to all users


6. Once you are happy with your message and who you are sending the message to, click “Send Message” at the foot of the page.



7. Your recipient(s) will receive an email containing you message. The recipient will also be able to view your message in their user area when logged into the WCoBM website.


For help on viewing / replying to messages please see the dedicated help page.