Promoting our industry in the City

The latest newsletter is now available. In this issue our Master Pippa Latham reflects on her first eight months, and highlights WCoBM’s growing prominence in the City and in the builders’ merchant sector.

Among other events, the newsletter reports on our increasingly popular City & Awards luncheon and the recent Election Court General and Supper on board the historic warship HQS Wellington – pages 6-9.

We also have an update from one of our affiliate organisations – the 3rd Battalion, the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (3PWRR) – page 11, and a fantastic story from Past Master Christopher Latham – pages 14-15. Contributions from members and affiliates are always most welcome.

Our campaign ‘Build A Career Without Limits’ is gathering strong ground in our industry and in the City – check out the latest update on pages 16-17. Thank you to all members, trade bodies and trade publications that are supporting the campaign, helping us to communicate an important message. The launch of our new bursary to support training and education is also progressing well, with over 80 applications to date.

In this issue we also provide an update on the Company’s Charity Fund from the Almoner John Poore, and we end with a preview of events organised this year for members and guests.

Download it here.